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When you hire Little Miss Office Business Services you are not hiring an employee, you are entering into an agreement with another business.  We understand how running your own business works and the associated pressures and, therefore, will cater to the needs of your business to provide a professional, reliable and affordable admin and marketing support service.

You can start saving money straight away as there are no job advertising costs or recruitment fees to pay, which you would get if you were to employ someone on to your payroll.

The Features and Benefits of a Virtual Assistant...

As we work from our own home office, there’s no need for larger premises to accommodate a staff member, no extra office equipment, no insurance, no staff training, PAYE, holiday pay, sickness pay, maternity pay, pension contributions or even tea and coffee to pay for, the list of savings is endless!

There are so many great reasons for your company to use our professional, Virtual Assistant Business Services:







You only pay for the time we spend on your work, so no staff lunch, tea/coffee, toilet breaks to pay for. You can use our office administration services as much or as little as you need, it’s up to you! We think you will find our rates competitive too.

Little Miss Office Business Services will provide you with a tailor made professional and reliable service for your business which is often difficult to find when you employ temps. Click to find out more about Little Miss Office.

As we are not an employee we can be flexible in the hours we work, so this can mean out of office hours or at short notice, allowing you to meet your important deadlines. It also means we can be supporting you in no time at all!

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